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Verona Bridge


I'm an architect and watercolor painter, and that's why I create paintings mostly architecture related. I'm inspired by Monet who paint Gothic cathedrals. My works are never photo-realistic picture of places. I want to show the mood, weather and daylight in using limited color pallet instead..
I used cyan and blue to paint cold areas in shadow and some pink and rust to show highlighted facades of the buildings in summer sun.

this is my original watercolor painting.
Painted with watercolors on 300g Fabriano watercolor paper 42x56cm
It will be carefully packaged in a paper stiff box.

Poland: 3-5 business days shipping to Poland ($20 + $10Paypal fee)
International: 10+ business depending on country's customs
International shipping price: ($40 + $16 Paypal fee)

Colors of original paining might be slightly different than colors on the screen